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My Lesson for Florence Sunnen


This week I held a one on one makeup lesson for Florence Sunnen. This was our first session together so we started from the basics.



We covered how to create flawless skin without using heavy foundation. Contouring, highlighting, soft definition for the eyes and how to make your lips look fuller.


Here's a photo of Florence with foundation on, I haven't applied concealer under her eyes as I find it better to conceal after eye shadow to prevent the drop down sticking to the under eye area.


Florence with foundation but not concealer under eye's



  • Massaged in complete comfort cream
  • Fast Response- eye cream
  • Lip conditioner
  • Prep & Prime- skin
  • Face and body- foundation, in N1
  • Select cover-up, in NW20
  • Mineralize skinfinish- in Light
  • Harmony- blush (used as a contour, for more advice see my previous lesson blog)
  • coygirl- blush
  • pearl- cream colour base (highlighter on high plans of her face)


Here's a photo of Florence at the end of our lesson.



Florence at the end of our lesson



  • Sublime nature- paint (base for eye shadow to keep it on all day)
  • Vex- eyeshadow
  • Copperplate- Eye shadow
  • Industry- eye liner (soft, water proof)
  • False lash- mascara



  • Omega- eye shadow ( applied with an angel brush)



  • Soar- lip liner
  • Patisserie- lipstick


Florence was an amazing student really listening to what I was telling her, I'm looking forward to our next lesson where we're going to be more daring as she loves experimenting with her makeup.

Please Note: All of the products listed are from MAC.



Going for golden

Summers' here and this year the bronzed goddess look is back in the limelight, influenced by the makeup trend terracopper, and the guilty pleasure that is The Only Way Is Essex.

In this post I will cover some examples of bronze icons and my tips for tanning techniques.

I think its better to fake it then bake it so here are my top tips for tanning.

  • You would have heard this before but exfoliating is key, I like modern friction from origins, the grainy texture really removes dead skin cells without too much work. Do this 24 hours before you tan.

  • I always use surgical rubber gloves to apply the tan, this will stop the palms of your hands going orange.
  • When tanning your hands put product onto a cotton pad then glide over them, making sure to work between the fingers.
  • Gradual tanners are great for fair skin.

  • If your tanning product is too dark, try mixing in some of your body moisturiser.
  • St Tropez mousse is really easy to blend and doesn't have a strong odor.
  • For the ultimate tan, lotions go darker and last longer on your skin. I use Fake Bake - Xtreme.

  • Run an ice cube over your face before tanning as this will close your pores.
  • Fake tan before bed as the product will develop on your skin overnight, though you will want to have dark bedding as the tan will transfer, much to my fiancé's annoyance.
  • Exfoliate 3 days after tanning to prevent your tan coming off patchy.


Make-up lessons with Naomi – part 2


MUA- Naomi Mckeever / Photographer- Emerson / Model- Kirsty Stone-Wigg



Your foundation choice will depend on your skin type, the coverage you'd like to achieve and the texture you prefer.

A great one for sheer to medium coverage with a slightly luminous look: (mineralize satin finish SPF15 foundation)-(190 foundation brush).

If you like a medium to full coverage but still with a natural satin finish (studio sculpt SPF 15)-(190 foundation brush).

Skin that produces more oil tends to need a matte finish, for a long-wearing medium-full coverage (studio fix fluid SPF 15)-(188 stippling brush).


MUA- Naomi Mckeever / Photographer- Emerson / Model- Kirsty Stone-Wigg



Concealer is usually used for more targeted areas of coverage such as around the eyes and blemishes.

The colour and texture of the concealer depends on the area of use. For coverage round the eyes, colour theory will come into play; if you have a bluish tint in this area then a warmer pink base will counteract the blue (in mac concealers the warmer tones are represented with NW).

(Select moisturecover)-(217 blending brush) is a beautiful concealer for round the eyes and the face as it gives good coverage without looking too heavy; it has a satin-smooth ultra-moisturized finish.

For a matte finish, long wearing concealer (select cover-up)-(217 blending brush) - good to use over eye lids before eye shadow to reduce redness.

Or full coverage for problem areas such as spots- (studio finish SPF 35 concealer).


MUA- Naomi Mckeever / Photographer- Willowstone / Model- Zola



To lock foundation and concealer in place, set them with a powder especially around the eyes to stop them gathering and creasing.

For a dimensional yet natural matte finish that’s not dry or powdery looking (mineralize skinfinish natural).

Or for shine prone skin (blot powder); only 3% colour so great for touch-ups, contains Mica and Silica to absorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin's surface.

(129 powder/ blush brush)

Please Note: I have put my favourite products in brackets; all of them are from MAC


Make-up lessons with Naomi Mckeever – part 1

Please Note: I have put my favourite products in brackets; 


Photographer- willowstone / Model- zola Del-Greco / MUA- Naomi McKeever

Skin Prep

Preparing the skin is key; for radiant skin take the time to really massage your moisturizer in- (MAC complete comfort creme or embryolisse). This will stimulate the blood flow to your face.

Then tap an eye cream round the eyes- (bobbi brown hydrating eye cream). Avoid getting the cream to close to the eye, apply a small amount to the orbital bone all-round. Where the skins thin it will absorb the product where needed.

At this point apply a generous layer of lip conditioner to the lips and leave to marinate- (MAC lip conditioner). This will leave your lips soft and moisturized ready for lip products. If there is a lot of dry skin mix some regular sugar into the lip conditioner, then gently work it into the lips exfoliating off the dead skin then wipe off.

I always use a primer before applying foundation, (smashbox photo finish primer or MAC prep and Prime- skin) as it calms down redness, smooths over texture and keeps your foundation lasting all day.

Photographer- willowstone / Model- zola Del-Greco / MUA- Naomi McKeever

Photographer- willowstone / Model- zola Del-Greco / MUA- Naomi McKeever