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Inspiration – Sylvia Ji

My good friend Lisa introduced me to the work of Sylvia Ji. Studying Fine Art I was always drawn to figurative forms of painting.

Sylvia Ji is a young painter who inspires me with her bold use of colour, movement of paint and subject matter.

Sylvia always paints women, some of them being symbolic reflections of herself or portraits of people she knows. The eyes of the subjects always inflect both mystery and soul.

She uses a contrast of sensuously beautiful women adorned with insects, that at first glance look like jewellery.

She quotes as her favourite artists the Neo Classical painter Ingres, along with Tissot, Manet, and Mucha.

"Women in a sense are each beautiful flowers: fragile, hypnotizing, unique, and some deadly."- Sylvia Ji

Ji is a lover of travel and you can see this influence in her work, especially the series that are influenced by the Mexican day of the dead skulls.


I am such a huge fan of Sylvia Ji. I agree her work is phenomenal. She inspires me to work harder on my paintings to achieve what she has.

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