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Make-up lessons with Naomi – part 3

Photographer- © 2011 of Julian M Kilsby Copyright / Model- Integra Fairbrook / Designer- Ooh la Latex / MUA- Naomi Mckeever


Contouring and highlighting

You can use contouring and highlighting to sculpt your face.

Starting with contouring; matt products work best as they visually push those areas back to create a shadow affect. MAC Harmony blusher is great for this.

Where you place your contouring depends on your face shape, though most people wouldn't say no to super model cheek bones. For that, start with a 168 angle brush at the top of your ears and blend to the corners of the mouth.

Other areas for contouring and slimming down are the sides of the nose, the temples and around the forehead and under chin.

For highlighting you can use a concealer MAC select moisturecover in a lighter shade than your face, this also gives a natural satin finish when done with a 217 blending brush.

For a more high shine metallic finish use MAC mineralize-soft and gentle or vanilla- pigment  with a 227 large fluff brush.

Use it where the light hits your face on the high points and anywhere you want to accentuate, such as top of cheek bones, down the centre of the nose to slim and cupids bow to make lips look pouty.


Backstage, my make-up design for fashion show / MUA- Naomi Mckeever


Bronzer and blusher

I use bronzer in more specific areas rather than all over, start where the sun would naturally hit your face like top of forehead, nose, then use under cheek bones so as not to work against contouring.

For a natural sun kissed look use MAC golden bronzer.

Blush will depend on eye shadow or lip colour used, though I do prefer warmer tones as it mimics how you would naturally blush. Peachy’s great for bringing out blue eyes.

I find the most flattering area for blush application to be on the apples of cheeks, applying the product quite high so as not to bring the cheek bone down.


Photographer- Yvette Bessels / Model- Gemma Louise4 / MUA- Naomi Mckeever


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