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My ProChart for when I did Rita Ora’s makeup.


In this blog post I thought I'd upload the ProChart I designed for doing Rita Ora's makeup for a preformance. I wanted to show the products and technics I used to create the ProChart.

The ProCharts use textured, recycled paper so you can apply makeup straight to them to design your look.

First, if you want to, alter the shape of the face sketch where you want the hair line, brow shape, lip shape & hair if included.

To add dimension to the face I used MAC studio finish concealer with a firm brush, I used MAC #252 brush with NW15 concealer, its best to start with a warm light concealer as the colour will appear a lot darker against the white of the paper.

I go back with a darker warm concealer MAC NW30 studio finish with a smaller brush like the 219#, use this to enhance the shadow contours of the face. You may find it useful to work from looking at a photo or in a mirror to see how light reacts with the planes of the face.

For blending over the highlights I used MAC pro paintstick in white but this step is not critical if you don't already own the paintstick.

For the eyes I used the shadow that I used on Rita Ora, but when it comes to blending out into the highlight of the eye I use a matte shadow on the Prochart as it blends the edges and the white eyeshadow mimics the white of the paper, a normal highlighter will look darker.

To create liner and lashes on paper you can use either black eyeshadow wet or you can get special eye lash pens from the ProChart website; for mine I marked out the shape with the shadow then deepened with the pen after.

For the pupils of the eyes I like to use a soft eyeliner in a shade that mimics the shade of eye that your client has, then blend over with a shadow, I used the MAC paintstick for the highlights & the lash pen for a few darker specks.

For the brows, after you have sketched in the shape using a firm angel brush like 208# with an eyeshadow, get a skinny liner brush wet with the shadow then draw on hairs.

MUA- Naomi Mckeever / ProChart of Rita Ora

The lips are cherry lip liner with Ruby woo lipstick as these were the shades I used on Rita Ora. For the sake of adding shadow to the ProChart use a darker lipliner in the darker areas of the lip.

For the hair I mixed MAC paintstick in white & yellow then mixed in the studio finish concealer; for the darker strands I used a deep brown shadow.

The hair stylist kindly sent me a photo she had on her mobile from backstage.

Rita Ora with hair stylist Rachael Capocci & Nicole Ele Macdonald. MUA Naomi Mckeever.

You can get the ProCharts from-

All the makeup I used was from MAC-

Really enjoyed doing Rita Ora's makeup, she's beautiful and lovely. The hair stylist Rachael Capocci & Nicole Ele Macdonald who work for Toni & Guy were really sweet and did a brilliant job on Rita Ora's hair.


My skin tone is very similar to Rita’s and its soo hard for me to find he right foundation colour. Since you have been up close what mac foundation shade would you say she is and concealer shade?

Hi Amy, I used MAC NC35 pro longwear concealer as a foundation as it lasts on the skin, with NW30 studio finish concealer under her eyes. I think her skin sometimes looks deeper then it is against her bloned hair. Hope that’s some help. Thanks for your question, feel free to ask about anything else. Best wishes, Naomi x

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