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Sleeping tips, night-time routine.

After having a child, I've noticed the dramatic effect not having a regular routine has on her. Which makes me think it's important we address our routine to ensure a good night's sleep. Most of us know that eight is the magic number of hours the typical adult needs to sleep each night, but sometimes with the best intentions of an early night it's hard to get to sleep; I'm hoping these tips will help you. I understand that factors beyond our control can mess it up, my girl is two years old, lol.
3-4 hours before bed


Limit or avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, chocolate) I'm not the best at this as I love a cup of tea and some chocolate.
Avoid naps, you should limit naps to 10-30 minutes and try to take them in the afternoon, if you're lucky enough to get the opportunity.
Limit alcohol consumption, it sometimes sends us to sleep but it's usually disturbed.

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With models @hayleyjaninethomas
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1-2 hours before bed

Cut out too much fluids (if you're like me, it makes you need to get up in the night to use the toilet)
Try not to snack or eat.
Turn off phone, computer, iPads etc, the light simulates day light which wakes us up. If you're a bit addicted to being on your phone as I am, oops, some Iphones have a night shift option that automatically turns on warm low light at the time you want. Go to settings - display & brightnes - Night shift.




Here's some suggestions for a routine-

Brush your teeth
Remove your makeup
Have a warm bath
Write your thoughts; if your mind turns to worries at night, keep a notepad by your bedside. When worries come to mind, write them down and address them in the morning.
Listen to relaxing music
Talk to your loved ones
Pack the next day’s lunch
Pick out your work clothes
Count your blessings
Write your accomplishments of the day
Try going to bed around the same time every night



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