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My Heston Blumenthal edible Christmas decoration meal from Hestons Fantastical Food

Me cautiously eating my edible decoration

Just thought I'd upload a photo of me after working at BBC's The One Show; I worked with Helen Harrel making up some of the guests including Heston Blumenthal, he was on the show talking about his new series hestons fantastical food. This Christmas bauble was a Christmas dinner all in one!

I know this isn't linked with makeup but if you're like me and enjoy food programs, here's a link to his new series on 4OD-


MAC Turkish Delights incentive.

I was extremely lucky to be sent to Istanbul in Turkey by the company I work for - MAC cosmetics. They ran a world wide three month competition for their artists. Joe, Sarah and I are from the UK, we went with other artists from every country that has a MAC store. Every MAC artist was so lovely, it felt like one big MAC family.

Here's a video I've made with some of the pictures from the trip.


Immortal Muses – bridal edition


In aid of National wedding month I thought I would compile a collection of brides throughout history who inspire me. Whether it be fictional or real they are all style icons with their glamourous dresses and spectacular headwear.


Grace Kelly weds Prince Rainier of Monaco


Actress Gene Tierney wore a dress by costume designer Oleg Cassini in The Razor’s Edge

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Inspiration – Sylvia Ji

My good friend Lisa introduced me to the work of Sylvia Ji. Studying Fine Art I was always drawn to figurative forms of painting.

Sylvia Ji is a young painter who inspires me with her bold use of colour, movement of paint and subject matter.

Sylvia always paints women, some of them being symbolic reflections of herself or portraits of people she knows. The eyes of the subjects always inflect both mystery and soul.

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Joseph Young Wedding + Promo Filmmaking, MUA Naomi Mckeever

Joseph Young is an extremely talented videographer, I've had the pleasure of working with on a few occasions.

His work mainly consists of Promos and wedding films, each of them having a polished cinematic style.

I'm really excited because I've managed to book him for my wedding and thought it would be selfish to keep his skills to myself, so to all your brides I would suggest you contact him to capture the magic of your big day.

Here's some examples for his latest work-


Hienie + Young // China from Joseph Young on Vimeo.


Fashion Shoot with Mridutrisha Choudhury from Joseph Young on Vimeo.

This shoot with the model Mridutrisha is one of the projects we worked on.

Photography :: Matt Gillespie // magiphotography.com

Hair Stylist :: Emma Whipp // hairbyem.co.uk

Make Up Artist :: Naomi Mckeever



Jo + Jez // Bulls n' Dragons from Joseph Young on Vimeo.

Oriental Fashion Shoot from Joseph Young on Vimeo.




Shoot for The New Vintage Clothing Company, with step by step instructions. Makeup artist Naomi Mckeever

Photographer- Yvette Bessels / Model- Cristina B / MUA- Naomi Mckeever


In this post I've included images from my second shoot for the 'The new vintage clothing company'. I worked with the same Leamington spa based photographer Yvette Bessels.

We used female and male models; for step by step male grooming from this shoot refer to my previous post http://www.naomimckeever.com/archives/751


before make-up / Photographer- Yvette Bessels / Model- Cristina B / MUA- Naomi Mckeever

Cristina's skin has been prepped and now is ready for action.


Photographer- Yvette Bessels / Model- Cristina B / MUA- Naomi Mckeever

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Makeup lesson with Naomi Mckeever – Male grooming

In this post I'm going to cover what products and techniques I use when doing make-up on men, whether its for TV, Fashion or just everyday use.

The product you select will depend on what the make-up is being used for. When I do male make-up for TV I tend to just use a small amount of concealer in target areas then a MAC mineralize skinfinish powder as it gives a sheer coverage that isn't picked up on HD, then a translucent powder for touch up to absorb oil.

Julian Lennon, Noel Gallagher and Ricky Wilson- MUA Naomi Mckeever/ Jo Whiley- MUA Helen Harrall

For this Jo Whiley programme on Sky Arts Noel Gallagher, Rickey Wilson and Julian Lennon really didn't want to look like they had make up on, so in this case I had to be very controlled in my product placement. I keep checking on the screen to make sure they don't have any excess shine. When touching up the powder I use a brush that doesn't shed too much hair such as the #188 MAC brush, making sure to miss such areas as the eye lids, as these can become oily and show up on screen. I worked on this programme with another talented make-up artist called Helen Harrall, she did a beautiful job with Jo Whiley's make-up.

The other type of make up would be for photographic use; in this case you can get away with adding more products.

Before make up / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

When preparing the skin take the time to really massage your moisturiser in to stimulate the blood flow so the face looks fresh. Work some matte lip conditoner on the lips, so they are hydrated but not shiny. Pat eye cream round the eye area.

Perfecting skin / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

Apply a sheer foundation like MAC face and body to even out skin tone.

Then with a small brush go in to any areas of the face that need more coverage with concealler especially round the eyes and nose. I like MAC moisturecover because it gives good coverage but doesn't look heavy. Set with powder. Softly contour with bronzer to warm up the skin and to add some dimension.

Defining brows / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

I find the best way to define brows without them looking too heavy is to use a MAC #205 - Mascara Fan Brush and combing eye shadow through the hairs. After set with clear brow gel.

Applying mascara with a Fan Brush / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

The same MAC #205 - Mascara Fan Brush brush works brilliantly to add mascara as it keeping the lashes separated and feathery. If you want to lift the lashes without adding colour use a clear mascara.

Powder check / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

Before they go to start modelling its worth having a quick powder check to make sure the skin doesn't look oily. Then check on camera to see if anything needs to be added or taken away.


Here are some photos from 'The new vintage clothing company' shoot, where Yvette Bessels was the photographer and I was the make-up artist.

MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels / The new vintage clothing company shoot

Model Diamond / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels / The new vintage clothing company shoot

MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette / The new vintage clothing company shootBessels

Model DiamondAsh with me in the middle at the end of the shoot. / Photographer Yvette Bessels

Thought I'd include a picture that Yvette took of the models and I at the end of the shoot.


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Photogripher Willowstone / Model zola / MUA Naomi Mckeever






Fashion Shoot with Mridutrisha Choudhury

Film Joseph Young - josephyoungfilm.com
Photography Matt Gillespie - magiphotography.com
Model Mridutrisha Choudhury
Hair Emma Whipp - hairbyem.co.uk
MUA Naomi Mckeever - naomimckeever.com

My Lesson for Florence Sunnen


This week I held a one on one makeup lesson for Florence Sunnen. This was our first session together so we started from the basics.



We covered how to create flawless skin without using heavy foundation. Contouring, highlighting, soft definition for the eyes and how to make your lips look fuller.


Here's a photo of Florence with foundation on, I haven't applied concealer under her eyes as I find it better to conceal after eye shadow to prevent the drop down sticking to the under eye area.


Florence with foundation but not concealer under eye's



  • Massaged in complete comfort cream
  • Fast Response- eye cream
  • Lip conditioner
  • Prep & Prime- skin
  • Face and body- foundation, in N1
  • Select cover-up, in NW20
  • Mineralize skinfinish- in Light
  • Harmony- blush (used as a contour, for more advice see my previous lesson blog)
  • coygirl- blush
  • pearl- cream colour base (highlighter on high plans of her face)


Here's a photo of Florence at the end of our lesson.



Florence at the end of our lesson



  • Sublime nature- paint (base for eye shadow to keep it on all day)
  • Vex- eyeshadow
  • Copperplate- Eye shadow
  • Industry- eye liner (soft, water proof)
  • False lash- mascara



  • Omega- eye shadow ( applied with an angel brush)



  • Soar- lip liner
  • Patisserie- lipstick


Florence was an amazing student really listening to what I was telling her, I'm looking forward to our next lesson where we're going to be more daring as she loves experimenting with her makeup.

Please Note: All of the products listed are from MAC.