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It’s a Mad Men world

I've been drawn into watching hit TV programme Mad Men. Love the 1960's style of fashion and make up.

Mad Men rolling stone cover.


The 60's was a very exciting era in fashion trends, the early 60's was still very much influenced by 50's ideas for women being there to please men, always being refined and polished, having their hair set in rollers, their fashion hugging all the right curves, keeping to the hour glass silhouette. Also in the 60s there was a great empowerment of women, with many women fighting to be part of wildly male dominated work environments such as the advertising industry, which is explored in Mad Men.

In that time period, it was all about glamour, style and fashion for women. It's so different from our modern day aesthetic which skews more natural. Back then, it was all about major lashes, and dramatic red lips. We do tons of research on the the makeup for that era. We comb old VOGUEs, other vintage magazines and 1960s advertisements to find looks that are authentic. - Lana Horochowski, Head makeup artist.

I'm going to focus on the two maid sirens of the series. Joan P. Harris played by actress Christina Hendricks and Betty Draper played by January Jones.

Betty and Joan.


Joan P. Harris Jessica rabbit figure and fiery red hair made her into an iconic character. She sizzles through the office with confidence and a power over the men, knowing exactly how to play them at their game.

Makeup -

My interpretation of her makeup was a thin liquid liner across the top lash line, a bit of shading through the socket line of the eye using a mid tone Matt eye shadow such as MAC Kid. Mascara only on the top lashes. A Matt foundation. More of a brick lipstick to complement her hair color, such as MAC Brick lip liner and Russian red, or a dusty rose lipstick to suit the clothes.


Hair -

For this french twist hairstyle you want a lot of volume from the roots. Start by putting your hair into large heated rollers, then lightly backcomb all over.

Gently smooth out the top of the hair without brushing out the backcombing.

Brush your hair all the way to one side. Using as many pins as needed, pin your hair straight up the back of your head.

With the rest of your loose hair. Put your thumb in the center and twist the hair around your thumb. Pin the twist. Then finish by spraying your hair into place.




Betty Draper, Don Draper's wife. She's a blond bomb shell in looks but not in personality. Living her life as house wife in suburbia, her underlying unhappiness, lack of trust and unfaithfulness in her relationship with Don tears her apart, but she sure looks good doing it.

Makeup -

Her make up was generally natural eyes again with the emphasis on the top lash line, and a statement red lip; for this look in the first series of Mad Men they used coral tone matt lipstick like MAC Lady danger with red lipliner. But then softened the lip shade and hair as it reflected the change in fashion through the 60's.



For Betty's hair I would start by using heated hair rollers, then brush out your hair so the curls become waves.

For added volume, section off the top half of your hair then backcomb underneath.

If you have long hair, put it into a very low, loose ponytail and fold under; pin that into place so it looks like you've got short Betty hair.


Lucia Mace, department head hairstylist on Betty's hairstyle in Rome - It took a bit of time. I actually had to put a form inside of her hair just to get it to stand up the right way. And it was definitely all hands on deck for that one. I knew the only way it would work is if I just built it right on January, so she sat in my chair and we just constructed it before she walked on-set.

Lucia Mace was influenced from 1963 Italian Vogue.


Mad Men has had a influence on fashion and makeup

Mad Men:

Lana Horochowski & Debbie Zoller , Head makeup artists

Lucia Mace, department head hairstylist

Anthony Wilson, key hairstylist

Mary Guerrero, additional hairstylist

Peggy Semtob, additional hairstylist