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Shoot for The New Vintage Clothing Company, with step by step instructions. Makeup artist Naomi Mckeever

Photographer- Yvette Bessels / Model- Cristina B / MUA- Naomi Mckeever


In this post I've included images from my second shoot for the 'The new vintage clothing company'. I worked with the same Leamington spa based photographer Yvette Bessels.

We used female and male models; for step by step male grooming from this shoot refer to my previous post http://www.naomimckeever.com/archives/751


before make-up / Photographer- Yvette Bessels / Model- Cristina B / MUA- Naomi Mckeever

Cristina's skin has been prepped and now is ready for action.


Photographer- Yvette Bessels / Model- Cristina B / MUA- Naomi Mckeever

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World aids day – Viva Glam

I wanted to do a quick post for world aids day today. I'm just about to leave to do the make-up for a fashion show that MAC has arranged to help raise money and awareness.

I really admire MAC for donating 100% of the money raised from the lipglosses and lipsticks. They use the proceeds to help men, women and children affected by aids.

The fund was started in 1994 and has had many famous spokespersons and campaigns.

In this post I will focus on current spokesperson Lady Gaga and include the first campaign she supported, alongside Cyndi Lauper.


Lady Gaga- Viva glam 2



MAC- Viva Glam Gaga 2 face chart


  • Mylar, Crystal Avalanche, (Highlight)
  • Gleam, Malt (Eyelid)
  • Sketch, Handwritten- eye shadows (bellow bottom lash line)
  • Chromagraphic eye pencil (water line)
  • false lash mascara
  • No.44 lashes

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Makeup lesson with Naomi Mckeever – Male grooming

In this post I'm going to cover what products and techniques I use when doing make-up on men, whether its for TV, Fashion or just everyday use.

The product you select will depend on what the make-up is being used for. When I do male make-up for TV I tend to just use a small amount of concealer in target areas then a MAC mineralize skinfinish powder as it gives a sheer coverage that isn't picked up on HD, then a translucent powder for touch up to absorb oil.

Julian Lennon, Noel Gallagher and Ricky Wilson- MUA Naomi Mckeever/ Jo Whiley- MUA Helen Harrall

For this Jo Whiley programme on Sky Arts Noel Gallagher, Rickey Wilson and Julian Lennon really didn't want to look like they had make up on, so in this case I had to be very controlled in my product placement. I keep checking on the screen to make sure they don't have any excess shine. When touching up the powder I use a brush that doesn't shed too much hair such as the #188 MAC brush, making sure to miss such areas as the eye lids, as these can become oily and show up on screen. I worked on this programme with another talented make-up artist called Helen Harrall, she did a beautiful job with Jo Whiley's make-up.

The other type of make up would be for photographic use; in this case you can get away with adding more products.

Before make up / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

When preparing the skin take the time to really massage your moisturiser in to stimulate the blood flow so the face looks fresh. Work some matte lip conditoner on the lips, so they are hydrated but not shiny. Pat eye cream round the eye area.

Perfecting skin / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

Apply a sheer foundation like MAC face and body to even out skin tone.

Then with a small brush go in to any areas of the face that need more coverage with concealler especially round the eyes and nose. I like MAC moisturecover because it gives good coverage but doesn't look heavy. Set with powder. Softly contour with bronzer to warm up the skin and to add some dimension.

Defining brows / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

I find the best way to define brows without them looking too heavy is to use a MAC #205 - Mascara Fan Brush and combing eye shadow through the hairs. After set with clear brow gel.

Applying mascara with a Fan Brush / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

The same MAC #205 - Mascara Fan Brush brush works brilliantly to add mascara as it keeping the lashes separated and feathery. If you want to lift the lashes without adding colour use a clear mascara.

Powder check / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels

Before they go to start modelling its worth having a quick powder check to make sure the skin doesn't look oily. Then check on camera to see if anything needs to be added or taken away.


Here are some photos from 'The new vintage clothing company' shoot, where Yvette Bessels was the photographer and I was the make-up artist.

MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels / The new vintage clothing company shoot

Model Diamond / MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette Bessels / The new vintage clothing company shoot

MUA Naomi Mckeever / Photographer Yvette / The new vintage clothing company shootBessels

Model DiamondAsh with me in the middle at the end of the shoot. / Photographer Yvette Bessels

Thought I'd include a picture that Yvette took of the models and I at the end of the shoot.

Immortal Muse- David Bowie

Ever since I watched David Bowie in the Labyrinth he's been a source of inspiration. Early in his career he morphed himself into his androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust. His iconic makeup looks are often transcribed into current trends whether it be similar colour palettes or shapes. I was asked at a Sally's shoot to create the lightning bolt; I used MAC paint sticks with pigments on top but in a hot pink in a similar colour to their logo.


I found what seems to be quotes from David bowie himself on http://www.bowiewonderworld.com/press/70/7311makeup.htm

Music Scene - November 1973

 David Bowie's Makeup Dos and Don'ts

David tells us that mostly all of his makeup comes from a little shop in Rome, Italy, that imports fantastic coloured powders and creams from India. (He's not telling the name of the store, however!!!) Basic essentials also include a white rice powder from Tokyo's Woolworth's equivalent- Indian kohl usually in black - for his eyes, which he smudges right along the lash line and some, times a little bit on the outside...

He also uses a very light liquid base, sometimes white - sometimes pink or yellow - and applies it with a damp sponge. For stage, David will often use an irridescent base, usually pure white. When he paints that gold cirde on his forehead that's such a hit with his fans he uses a German gold base in cake form bought at New York's Makeup Centre. (He also told us that the little Japanese brushes that the Makeup Centre has for applying powders and paints are much better than anything you can find in Japan!)

Eight hour cream by Elizabeth Arden is what you'll see shining up David's lips and eyelids in photographs, it gives that extra-gloss effect. And a must is that old-fashioned black mascara, (sometimes blue) - you know the kind that you spit on the little brush and it's in cream/cake form... David will often paint waves of colour all the way across his eyes and eyebrows, rather than on the lids only usually in a pink or mauve tone.

In his last few English concerts, Bowie painted tiny lightning streaks on his cheek and upper leg. Once in a while he uses pearlised gloss on his lips in a tan/pink that comes across like a white-silver highlight. And - a warning! He doesn't use glitter too much, because it falls into his eyes when he's performing and it just isn't soft looking enough, he feels. Sometimes he will outline that gold circle in tiny gold rhinestones, stuck on with eyelash glue.

As far as off-stage makeup is concerned, David doesn't wear any base - he uses a light natural moisturiser with rice powder dusted on top - but most often he prefers to show his very light, bare, clear English skin.


My Make up inspired by David Bowie and a Kylie Minogue photo shoot.

  • Chrome yellow / Rule / Carbon- eye shadows
  • Blacktrack / Fascinating- eye liners

Please Note: All of the products listed are from MAC.

Chain of Hope Charity Event at the National History Museum, Stephane Rolland fashion show

I worked at the charity event last night (10/11/2011).  Stephane Rolland haute couture dresses were incredible, I was very careful when I was applying makeup in the line up!

Backstage Models pose with Jeremy Morris (3rd Left) and Stephane Rolland (3rd Right) (Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images for Chain of Hope)


Pablo Rodriguez was the key makeup artist. His design was beautiful, inspired by Barbara Streisand.

Barbara Streisand

Designer Stephane Rolland/ MUA- Victoria Curtis/ Key- Pablo Rodriguez

We used all MAC products to create the look.


For the eye's we applied painterly paint pot as the base with myla eye shadow pressed on top. We then sketched out the shape using feline eye pencil/carbon eye shadow/blacktrack gel eye liner on the top and bottom lash lines. This also helped to deepen the contour through the socket line.


The essential element of the look was the shape of the eye from a distance, we drew the black line just above the socket line to get optimum impact.


Stephane Rolland and Yasmin Le Bon attend the Chain of Hope Charity Event at the National History Museum. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images for Chain of Hope)





Morticia Addams inspired make-up, Naomi Mckeever

I was watching Addams family values and wanted to take elements of Morticia's makeup. I was on a makeup job so I didn't want a look that was too scary!

Morticia is normally lit in a film noir style, so I lightened the high points of my face with a lighter foundation. The wig was from ebay.





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Photogripher Willowstone / Model zola / MUA Naomi Mckeever






Fashion Shoot with Mridutrisha Choudhury

Film Joseph Young - josephyoungfilm.com
Photography Matt Gillespie - magiphotography.com
Model Mridutrisha Choudhury
Hair Emma Whipp - hairbyem.co.uk
MUA Naomi Mckeever - naomimckeever.com

My Lesson for Florence Sunnen


This week I held a one on one makeup lesson for Florence Sunnen. This was our first session together so we started from the basics.



We covered how to create flawless skin without using heavy foundation. Contouring, highlighting, soft definition for the eyes and how to make your lips look fuller.


Here's a photo of Florence with foundation on, I haven't applied concealer under her eyes as I find it better to conceal after eye shadow to prevent the drop down sticking to the under eye area.


Florence with foundation but not concealer under eye's



  • Massaged in complete comfort cream
  • Fast Response- eye cream
  • Lip conditioner
  • Prep & Prime- skin
  • Face and body- foundation, in N1
  • Select cover-up, in NW20
  • Mineralize skinfinish- in Light
  • Harmony- blush (used as a contour, for more advice see my previous lesson blog)
  • coygirl- blush
  • pearl- cream colour base (highlighter on high plans of her face)


Here's a photo of Florence at the end of our lesson.



Florence at the end of our lesson



  • Sublime nature- paint (base for eye shadow to keep it on all day)
  • Vex- eyeshadow
  • Copperplate- Eye shadow
  • Industry- eye liner (soft, water proof)
  • False lash- mascara



  • Omega- eye shadow ( applied with an angel brush)



  • Soar- lip liner
  • Patisserie- lipstick


Florence was an amazing student really listening to what I was telling her, I'm looking forward to our next lesson where we're going to be more daring as she loves experimenting with her makeup.

Please Note: All of the products listed are from MAC.



London fashion week spring/summer 2012

Just got back from London Fashion Week; I've worked with some amazing makeup artists. I feel as if every time I'm there I learn so much, and come back feeling very inspired.

I've attached link's to a few of the shows I did the makeup for...


Christopher Raeburn

Maria Comparetto was the key makeup artist. Helen Harrall was on this show which was a lovely surprise as I'd only just worked with her on a programme for Sky and ITV:



Louise Gray

Key makeup artist James O'Riley:




Key makeup artist Sara Byworth: