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My lesson for the talented students at Swindon college.

I had a great day teaching at Swindon college. The day was focused on fashion make-up. Starting by discussing my background in Fine art and a powerpoint presentation of my portfolio going through what I did to create each look.

I gave a demo then held a workshop so they could do make-up on each other.


MUA Naomi Mckeever / demo for Swindon college.

For their main makeup workshop I wanted them to get an idea of what you do as the key make-up artist on a catwalk show; for this the key make-up artist works with the designer and key hair stylist to take inspiration from the collection. I acted as the fashion designer explaining my inspiration, which was the painter Paul Gauguin.


Paul Gauguin / Inspiration for students workshop.


Paul Gauguin / Inspiration for students workshop.

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