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Immortal Muse- Josephine Baker

(June 3, 1906 – April 12, 1975)

Dancer, singer, and actress.

Josephine Baker was a truly inspirational woman. She broke down barriers and fought through prejudice.

Baker dropped out of school at the age of 12 and lived as a street child in the slums of St. Louis, but that didn’t stop her travelling to France to progress her career.

She was the first female African American to star in a major motion picture and she became a world-famous entertainer, even posing for the artist Picasso.

Ernest Hemingway called her "… the most sensational woman anyone ever saw."

Baker is still influential in the fashion world today.

Here are some examples from Tush Magazine - Photographer Ellen von Unwerth, hairstyling from Christoph Hasenbein and make-up from Loni Baur.

Tush magazine/ Photographer- Ellen von Unwerth/ hairstyling- Christoph Hasenbein/ MUA Loni Baur

Tush magazine/ Photographer- Ellen von Unwerth/ hairstyling- Christoph Hasenbein/ MUA Loni Baur


My face chart inspired by Josephine Baker

  • Blacktrack fluidline blended over lid
  • Press Carbon eye shadow on top
  • Blend out edges with Wedge eye shadow
  • Smolder kohl in waterline
  • Zoomlash masscara
  • Bleach out brows with Studio finish concealer with a mascara wand
  • Espresso eye shadow
  • Blacktrack fluidline to make the brows defined
  • Studiotech foundation
  • Studio finish concealer
  • Careblend powder
  • Nightmoth lip pencil
  • Viva Glam 1 lipstick
Please Note: I have put my favourite products, all of them are from MAC

Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A

I represented MAC at the V&A Yohji Yamamoto show. Amazing MAC senior make-up artist Debbie F and Cher W were on the team, Cher was the key make-up artist. The show featured looks from Yohji's Spring/Summer 2011 collection, including the menswear which was inspired by the V&A's vast textile archives. The show used real-life couples as models. All of the team were so lovely.

The look was paled out skin, natural eye's and red lips for the ladies. Male grooming for the men.

YOHJI YAMAMOTO AT THE V&A (my make-up- the lady in the black dress)

YOHJI YAMAMOTO AT THE V&A (my make-up- the Man)

YOHJI YAMAMOTO AT THE V&A (my make-up- the lady with the stripey top)

Products used-


  • Curl lashes, mascara on top lashes if needed
  • Soft definition for brows using cool eye shadow , clear brow gel


  • Face and Body, their natural skin tone mixed with white Face and Body
  • Studio finish concealer
  • Invisible powder
  • Harmony blusher for a contour


  • Cherry lip liner
  • Ruby woo lipstick

Please Note: All of the products used were from MAC

Going for golden

Summers' here and this year the bronzed goddess look is back in the limelight, influenced by the makeup trend terracopper, and the guilty pleasure that is The Only Way Is Essex.

In this post I will cover some examples of bronze icons and my tips for tanning techniques.

I think its better to fake it then bake it so here are my top tips for tanning.

  • You would have heard this before but exfoliating is key, I like modern friction from origins, the grainy texture really removes dead skin cells without too much work. Do this 24 hours before you tan.

  • I always use surgical rubber gloves to apply the tan, this will stop the palms of your hands going orange.
  • When tanning your hands put product onto a cotton pad then glide over them, making sure to work between the fingers.
  • Gradual tanners are great for fair skin.

  • If your tanning product is too dark, try mixing in some of your body moisturiser.
  • St Tropez mousse is really easy to blend and doesn't have a strong odor.
  • For the ultimate tan, lotions go darker and last longer on your skin. I use Fake Bake - Xtreme.

  • Run an ice cube over your face before tanning as this will close your pores.
  • Fake tan before bed as the product will develop on your skin overnight, though you will want to have dark bedding as the tan will transfer, much to my fiancé's annoyance.
  • Exfoliate 3 days after tanning to prevent your tan coming off patchy.


Mac spring/ summer 2011 Trends- Part 4

Terra – Copper


Think ‘Makeup through the eyes of a 1970’s makeup artist’...


Bronze goddess...


mac- ss11- terra copper


Caramels and Honeys...


Perfectly placed sculpting using monochromatic shades….


mac- ss11- terra copper


Believable bronzed tones.... Natural and not ‘Tan-tastic’...


Lush, warm, sculpted...


Its un-done perfection!


“It’s about using one bronzer – definitely one without sparkle, like our new mineralize Bronzer – with three brushes! Take a 116 to contour the cheeks, a 224 tapered blending to shade the eye and a 219 pencil brush to line the eyes with a soft shadow near the lash line. Add a dash of lip balm and you’re good to go.” – Gordon Espinet


“It’s very chic, giving dimensions to the face with a very soft illusion of toffees and warm browns – it’s about putting definition into the face without it looking overly makeup-py” – Lisa Butler


The Kit

  • Medium Dark, Medium Deep and
  • Dark Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
  • Gold Pigment
  • Give me Sun! Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (available 2011)
  • Goldon Bronze Iridescent Powder/Loose
  • Shadowy PRO Sculpting Powder
  • Tan Pigment
  • Cream Colour Base in Mid-Tone Sepia
  • Cream Colour Base in Bronze
  • Cream Colour Base in Bamboo
  • Cream Colour Base in Luna
  • Lust Lipglass
  • Freckletone Lipstick
  • Chai Lipglass
  • Teddy Eye Kohl


Natalie Jane Mitchell and I held a make-up lesson for students at Swindon college on the trends. In this post It includes bits from what we covered with them in our hand-out.


My makeup demo for Swindon collage.


For this demo I took my influence from the Terra-Copper trend. First I did the demo without filling in the model's brows then added them to demonstrate how to make the look very wearable. Natalie and I went through our tips and techniques for creating these looks and how to work in a backstage environment. Then we got the students to pair up and create a look inspired by the 4 spring summer trends and went round giving them feedback; they did an amazing job showing us they'd really listened to the brief and demonstrated their fantastic make-up skills.

Here are some of the products I used:


  • Gold Pigment
  • Give me Sun! Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to blend through the socket
  • Smolder eye liner
  • clear lipglass taped on top



  • Face and body foundation
  • Give me Sun! Mineralize Skinfinish Natural used as a contour
  • pearl C.C.B



  • studio finish concealer
  • clear lipglass


Make-up lessons with Naomi Mckeever – part 1

Please Note: I have put my favourite products in brackets; 


Photographer- willowstone / Model- zola Del-Greco / MUA- Naomi McKeever

Skin Prep

Preparing the skin is key; for radiant skin take the time to really massage your moisturizer in- (MAC complete comfort creme or embryolisse). This will stimulate the blood flow to your face.

Then tap an eye cream round the eyes- (bobbi brown hydrating eye cream). Avoid getting the cream to close to the eye, apply a small amount to the orbital bone all-round. Where the skins thin it will absorb the product where needed.

At this point apply a generous layer of lip conditioner to the lips and leave to marinate- (MAC lip conditioner). This will leave your lips soft and moisturized ready for lip products. If there is a lot of dry skin mix some regular sugar into the lip conditioner, then gently work it into the lips exfoliating off the dead skin then wipe off.

I always use a primer before applying foundation, (smashbox photo finish primer or MAC prep and Prime- skin) as it calms down redness, smooths over texture and keeps your foundation lasting all day.

Photographer- willowstone / Model- zola Del-Greco / MUA- Naomi McKeever

Photographer- willowstone / Model- zola Del-Greco / MUA- Naomi McKeever

Mac spring/ summer 2011 Trends- Part 1

I worked as part of the Mac team for London fashion week S/S 2011.

Mac separated what was done on the catwalks into 4 key make- up trends.

I did a lesson with Natalie Jane Mitchell for make-up students at Swindon college on the trends. In this post I will show what we covered with them in our hand-out.

We weren’t representing MAC for this lesson but this is how we translated the trends.


Mac spring/ summer 2011 Trends

Being brave with makeup, creative and contemporary with classic references. Minimalistic, but striking. Avant Garde but ‘pretty’. Striking but discreetly placed.

Makeup this season is technically bold and daring!

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